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Covid Test Centres

Covid Test Centres In Waltham Forest

For further information from the Waltham Forest Council please visit below: 

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Covid-19 Webinar

Covid-19 Webinar - 09/01/21

Alhamdulillah we had a successfull Webinar which was streamed directly to our Youtube Channel & Facebook Page.  Following on we have had over 5,000 views with over 250 individuals watching concurrently whilst the event was live. 

This Initative allowed for us to have a panel of Qualified professionals on how best we could manage this Pandemic with practical advice for the community as a whole as well as specific advice for our Muslim residents.

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Covid Press Release – 04/2020

Covid-19 Response Press Release

It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that all Mosques in Waltham Forest have unanimously suspended it’s congregations, namely Jumu’ah (Friday prayer) and five daily prayers.

This is in compliance with our UK government’s plea to stay at home, following the Coronavirus, COVID19 outbreak. We urge the Muslim community to respond to this call observing hygiene procedures,
already established in the Muslim tradition and also to respect social distancing guidelines to protect yourselves and to save the lives of others.

…and whoever saves the life of a person is as if he has saved the life of the whole of humankind….
(Qur’an 5:32)

Waltham Forest Council of Mosques
are working around the clock on a number of fronts to urgently address pressing issues that is likely to result from this outbreak.

Firstly a streamlined Ghusl and Janazah services are being coordinated with the Waltham Forest Muslim Burial Trust (WFMBT) to allow for swift burial of Covid 19 shuhadaa (lofty status of deceased). We’re in
regular contact with our local NHS Whipps Cross Hospital and the National Muslims Burial Trust to be kept updated on the frontline situation and guided with best practice.

Secondly, we have sent out valuable resources to our cherished institutions of WFCOM Madressahs to transition onto the online world of learning and education.

Thirdly, we’re mobilising a team of local volunteers to help the elderly and vulnerable with daily essentials as well as offering our Mosque premises to the authorities for any emergency need that arises.

Finally, our member Mosques and Respective Imams (Faith Leaders) are keen on continuing their Spiritual services to the community online, especially in providing emotional support or referring to professional psychological services. We recognise the importance of the mental well being of our congregations throughout this period of uncertainty.

This crisis has brought about tremendous community spirit and a firm resolve in uniting together to help save lives, treat the deceased with utmost honour and serve the vulnerable members of our neighbourhoods.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank from the depths of our hearts the tremendous, life-saving efforts of our NHS, especially staff at Whipps Cross Hospital, during this difficult period.

These are unprecedented and very testing times for all of us, for which our Religion has given much guidance. We ask our congregations to turn to Allah, seek his forgiveness abundantly, give in charity and to supplicate daily.

May Allah shower his Mercy and protect us all.


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